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Various new animals…

  • Aurochs

Altered Monsters

(Foes from the original MM, altered for our setting)

Frozen Zombies

Zombies created by the foul “Winter’s Grasp” affliction are slightly different from base zombies. Changes:

  • Frequently wear armor and use weapons from their former lives. Use Armor AC, -2 from poor Dex
  • Do not have the zombie respawn ability of standard zombies
  • Gain a Bite attack, 1d4 dmg +Str. Wis save 13 to resist infection from the “Winter’s Grasp” curse.
  • Winter’s Grasp (curse): upon affliction, reduce Dex score by 1d4. Each round, save again, Wis vs 13. Success = resisted, no more rolls necessary. Failure = take 2d4 damage as the deep bite of frost spreads throughout your body. If you fall to zero while afflicted by the curse, you immediately become a Frozen Zombie with full monster hit points. If you resist the curse on your turn, the original DEX penalty remains. If the curse is not removed by the next Sundown, the Dex loss is permanent and the frostbite scar remains.

the Udvatchen

(Various humanoids, Fey, Fiendish)

Udvatchen (pronounced “OOD-vah-chin”) are the twisted goblin-like corrupted fey of the Northwarde. They are cannibalistic humanoid monsters that thrive in the night and fear the coming of the light – and rightly so, for the touch of sunlight burns them to ash.

Stories tell they are the first children of Udvar, the White Witch. She once tries to cover the world in the night of winter, and for many long ages the world was dark and blanketed in her sacred snow. But the other Gods fought against her and finally won, pushing back the wintry night and summoning the day once more. As punishment, her favorite children were cursed to live only in the cold night of her embrace, and forever fear the coming of the day. She still has her few months of power in the deepest winter of the deepest north, but likewise there her children are doomed to remain, never to venture again into the bright lands of the south.

Udvar’s Blight: Bring wither bitten or clawed by any of the various Udvatchen monsters can result in a fate worse than death by infection from a disease known as Udvar’s Blight Base Con save upon attached vs DC 13 (some specimens are more potent, too). If failed, randomly determine a stat (roll 1d6) and then lower it by 1d4. Save again at the top of each round or again suffer the random effect. If a stat gets reduced to zero, you fall unconscious but the blight still spreads. Once all stats reach zero, you are dead.

Saving on contact prevents infection, but saving on your turn only delays it by one round. This can be cured with a special (expensive) brew, or a Cure Disease effect. If you are cured after one or more of your stats was reduced to half or less its base value, after recovering that stat is permanently reduced by 1d4. The Blight is fearsome, and the main reason that Udvatchen are exterminated upon discovery.

The Small Ones (aka “Screwedvatchen”)

  • Small size, swarm fighters
  • AC base 14
  • Right around 22 HP, more or less
  • Swarm tactics: additional +1 attack per buddy adjacent (max +4), and two can occupy the same space
  • Multi-attack: +4, Vicious heavy curved fighting daggers (1d6 +1)

The Big Ones (aka “Dudevatchen”)

  • Large size
  • AC base 11
  • Right around 50 HP, more or less


  • 4, 1d64
  • +4, 1d6 +4

Foe Compendium

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