The Northwarde's New Dawn

Chapter 01: New Beginnings from the Ashes of Captivity

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Scenes and Events

Prison Escape

Establishment: The characters are all prisoners at an Empire penal colony, a mining facility that has existed as both prison and mine for many years. Only in recent years had the prison come under the possession and operation of the Empire. The Prison on the region around it were once owned by Bear Clan, before taking the brunt of the attacks when the Empire pushed in.

- Erik, on poop duty, made his way to the surface where he saw a clear and large conflict.
- Eberk, also noticing the conflict, intimidated his guard and then freed himself and the prisoners on his chain.
- Erik, Diego, & Olga managed to defeat a guard, before also being freed.
- The four party members made for the surface, before being attacked by a vengeful prisoner and several of his goons. The attackers were defeated.
- The party snuck across the courtyard, busted a hole into the storage room, recovered their gear and made for the exit.
- Just beyond the exit, they were nearly cornered by attack wolves, but managed to hold them at bay until a more serious threat arrived.

The Trek Upriver

- Eberk knows a bit about some settlements up the river, higher in the hills – at least, he used to.
- Party takes a short rest at a stream where the prisoners were once fetched to carry water to the prison
- The weather has been getting wetter and harsher, the river is higher than expected, and unfordable
- They trek upriver!
- two days later, find a long-abandoned, once-sacked village near a rickety old rope bridge high across the river gorge. Village was another Bear Clan village, probably sacked in the earliest days of the War
- signs of recent camping in the village’s shrine! a doll left behind, too.
- the trek further south, not daring to brave the rope bridge
- find a massive, fine dwarven-make bridge at the intersection of two causeways.
- snow and wind are hard now, making travel difficult and exhausting

Tulver’s Bend, part 1: Attack!

- they infiltrate an abandoned old trading post, and secretly make camp in the collapsed stables
- the night is deep and snow is falling, but they find out someone is inside the main trading post keephouse!
- they manage to hide, though, and dig in for the night
- in the earliest of pre-dawn, they see some bestial humanoids “returning” through the post’s big gates, and hear sounds that they might have a captive.
- THREE BATTLES! As the snow still falls, and the morning has yet to dawn…
- BATTLE 1: Two Udvatchen (the twisted, sunlight-fearing goblinkind of the north). Quickly dispatched, but they shout an alarm…
- BATTLE 2: Several more, including a big one. They all roll terribly, and are dispatched. Party wavers on whether or not to enter the lodge proper, but screams of captives seal their decision to attack.
- BATTLE 3: Many more bad guys, and this time they almost wipe out the party. All but Diego fall in battle, although Erik is invigorated back to action with but a single hit point. Diego kites one around outside until the sun rises and it boils and fries to death. All the others are eventually killed or driven deeper inside.
- They rest, and meet the sole surviving captive: a young northwoman named Ysolde, who had formerly been a prison guard! But she says she was pressed into that duty as punishment for being a pickpocket, and hadn’t been with the guard long.
- They don’t fully trust Ysolde, but accept her nonetheless.
- Burn the dead, search for loot, etc.
- The party restored to some semblance of health, they discuss clearing out the rest of the building during the hours of the light.
- The formulate a plan, but it all goes pear-shaped and the dwarf just charges
- They take clear out the remaining udvatchen, but diego goes down in the process (restored to health by Ysolde and Erik).
- After resting, they try and figure out what to do next.

Tulver’s Bend, part 2: Revelations

- they loot the place, find some supplies, some treasures, and a secret stash of wine and brandy!
- Erik finds the mummified corpse of a little girl in a chest, under a pile of rubble. She is Drita, and she’s from Aurochs clan. Of noble garb, with a silver locket.
- hunted for food, killed and skinned a bear
- both Olga and Erik felt visions leading them to the East, following a secret Wolf Clan map they were only able to partially translate
- Chat with Ysolde over camp, learn her story: she’s young (17) but quite hardy. She’s Walrus, from Tuskenspear, was attested as a pickpocket and had two fingers on her right hand cut off. Shortly after, the town was raided by Shark Clan Reavers, she was captured as a prisoner to be sold into slavery, but shortly after that the Reavers were attacked by Imperial Navy. She was “rescued” and then pressed into service as a forced conscript. She worked at the Prison for the last two months. She has no loyalty to the Empire.
- encountered Wolf Clan scouts just as they were preparing to leave, led by Captain Sigurd – he does not suspect them to be prisoners, which is good!
- learned of the end of the war and the demise of the prison
- lied to him about finding anything of value on the dead wolf clan they found inside the lodge
- departed in peace toward the east as the snows kept falling…

Party Roster

Loose Threads

  • Drita, the dead noble girl from the Aurochs Clan – Erik has her locket
  • The Secret Map of the Wolf CLan – what’s up with that?
  • Is the war really, truly over?
  • what of the previous owners of this lodge and trading post?

Portents of the Future

NPCs Encountered

- Captain Sigurd of the Wolf Clan

New Creatures and Enemies

- Prison Guards
- Prisoners
- Wolf Clan Soldier
- Wolves
- Udvatch (“OOD-vahtch”): Pl. Udvatchen, lang. Udvish. TWO TYPES: The small goblinlike ones, and the larger (medium-sized) beefy ones

Misc Loot of Note

  • Cologne of the Lost
  • The Dragonscale Pouch
  • The Hairy Coat
  • The Soupstone

Interesting New Facts and Tidbits

Chapter Rewards


Group Rewards

Individual Bonuses



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