The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 015: TROOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

Northwarde D&D 2017-06-11 Notes

by NPC


PC Ally Rival
Brynn Haelga Sabeen
Enith Sabeen Brynn
Haelga Brynn Sabeen
Sabeen Enith Haelga

Sabeen gets the token! Sean have everyone 1/3 proficiency advenacement toward learning the Giant tongue.


Haelga’s Dogs:
- Hod
- Marja
- Ugo
- Bear
- Jadi

We help Zero the Cyclops for a while. Two days with him, helping out the rebuild of his arches, teaching him hunting and trapping tips.

We head out! Adapting a Dungeon World style travel rolling system. Scout, Pathfinder, and Quartermaster. All do well. Haelga shifts some of the gear to the warhorses to make up for the dog they sacrificed to the Cyclops (RIP, Old Varg).

In the morning, just crossing over into Wolf, we find an interesting landmark! A half-collapsed old monument, a stone-and-metal statue of a wolf clan warrior warding against the dangers of the north. These days, it’s still a 45-foot watchtower, the northeastern watch against the Udvatchen. Some wagons at the base… and some ambushers we see! What do we do?

Enith knows there are 11 of them, and one of them is ALSO a skilled ranger. We are outside of our official territory, though…

We hear laughter in the woods. An unforgettable laugh from Wolf Clan, someone Brynn knew. Grenvig! She’s also young, a member of the escorts Brynn had through Wolf lands on his way back home. Brynn calls out, but suddenly the "ambushers’ we are pursuing vanish in a swirl of snow! A bit of interaction with Grenvig, and then the ambush triggers. FIGHT-uh!

Brynn summons an illusory backup company of warriors and leads them forward. Haelga charges forth with the sled, then uses her stolen nat 20 from Sabeen to do 52 points of damage and hill a bandit in one blow, yah! Sabeen shoots someone from her sled, a vicious blow. Enith uses her Hail of thorns against a splinter group of the bandits, it is very effective with another Nat 20!

The bad guys try and fight back, but fate isn’t on their side – things do not go well for them, at the least. But then a mage steps in and freezes Brynn’s horse. The bandits try and convince The caravaneers that Haelga is with them, but she is too occupied to argue and focuses instead on defeating them. Haelga still attacks them with vicious impunity. Sabeen hits them with some Sacred Flame, it finally works, hooray! She also puts out a spiritual weapon to add a bit of extra damage to the mix. Enith takes out the guy who was trying to steal their sled, hoorah!

One of the bandits surrenders, and reveals herself to be a half-orc from troll clan! The remaining bandits attack our sleds with fire bombs! We start to put the fires out. A few more rounds and we defeat the bandits mostly. A strange magic deer retreats, though. Wonder what that was all about? Anyway, we win!

We gather again, collect the bodies for burning, and inspect them for outcast brands. None! They in fact appear to be trained soldiers. But thankfully none have familial tattoos similar to Haelga’s husband. She killed no kin today, and she’s thankful for that.

Also, the dogs are on edge, wary of the caravan. Haelga informs Enith, who discovers that one of the wagons has… something moving inside of it, something big. There is otherwise a round of introductions and relaxation. Grenvig lets people know they are on their way to The Dens (the city we are going to as well).

Enith sneaks and investigates, discovers that the beast in the big wagon MIGHT actually be a real troll!

After 2 hours of rest, and some rearranging of loads between the sleds and the wagons, we take off together as a larger caravan. Later into that day, the ice cracks – wtf, Ice? Turns out we’ve been traveling over a frozen lake, hasn’t cracked in apparently 100 years! Seems the “troll” cage is to heavy. Run!

They get most of the crew to safety, then try and get the troll out of the cage in the middle of the lake. Failure! The weird white snow troll gains control and it’s a madhouse. Its bellowing makes the ice crack more! Brynn uses the Fear effect of the Hell’s Bells, but to no avail, the troll resists and everyone ELSE gets afeared.

The fight goes on, the troll goes crazy, and we try to crack the ice further just to sink the troll. The folks we’ve been traveling with aren’t sure what to feel. They’re alive now, yes, but… they’d traveled so far and lost so much on this journey, and with the loss of the troll they were sent to capture, it was really all for nothing. End session.

Kudos to Sean: I have no idea what the stats on that troll were, but the way you described it was truly terrifying. A++ would run the hell away again.



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