The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 009: Something's Rotten at Aufstok's Claim

D&D Northwarde 2016-11-27: Sean taking Notes



  • Sean – Fridirick Enith / Ava
  • Spes – Enith Sabeen / Ava
  • Paris – Sabeen Enith / Fridirick
  • Corrine – Ava Enith / Fridirick


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfling – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic, Animal-Handling. Hound Master.


The party moves forward and gets a lay of the town itself, which shows occupation of outlying families who have come here to take refuge during the Alsied attacks. None-the-less, there are signs that these people are still doing well enough.

Fridirick is being led up the hill, while Ava is heading to a tavern to check on the scene there. Sabeen joins Ava, while Enith follows Fridirick to provide him some ‘back-up’.

The Tavern is quite packed, with the people inside feeling apprehensive mixed with somewhat forced cheer. They are attempting to keep spirits up, but they are doing a poor job, while the staff is working feverishly to provide for everyone. Throughout it all there is a sense that the community, rugged outdoorsmen mostly, are doing their best to help each other out. Ava and Brynn join in with the music playing – taking over for the current group, while Sabeen ‘skulks’, finding a corner to keep an eye on things. Given how packed the places is, its easy for her to hide.

“Hearts of the Northern Wild” – a Hick Tune – performed by Ava and Brynn, is an uplifting upbeat song.

Meanwhile – Enith and Fridirick approach the manner house, passing the guards and entering. Within is a long hall, which even here is heavily occupied. The lord sits upon a large ‘throne’ – really just a big couch – with his kin.

Basic Info: Aufstock Parnsson; Aged in 70’s – but very prolific with his spreading of offspring. it is likely that a solid 4 generations are here with him.

Despite his years he looks to be healthy and lively. He welcomes them, and they try to gather info – both about the current situation and their plans for moving forward. Aufstock seems very happy to see us and seems to be rather open. The problems with the Alseid are new, and in the past situations have been limited. Fridirick speculates that perhaps it is drummed up by the Imperial outliers… but Aufstock mentions that they attacked the individuals at the mill… slaughtered everything…

Fridirick manages to convey information about what they have seen, and offers aid to Aufstock in discovering what has transpired with the Alseid.

Enith gets some advice from a local scout woman, suggesting how best to continue our journey. This includes sled routes and updates to previously postulated paths.

Back in the tavern, Sabeen is managing to do some serious eavesdropping (27!):

- A woodsman drunkenly explains that he hasn’t been around because the Trollkin have been more fiercely defending their land, and his hold-over spot seemed to be occupied by ‘drifters’.
- Some kids are taking a break from their play, complaining about how no one listens to them, and that the hoof prints they saw at the burned farm were NOT Alseid hooves.
- A little juicy gossip as well: One of Aufstock’s (Ingrell) great grand children is secretly pregnant with a child not conceived of her husband, and they plan to flee once things have cleared up.

The party hangs out and plays (except for Fridirick) for a bit, and then heads up to the long house. They talk about how to help the people of this town, both directly and indirectly. Eventually, Brynn and Ava finish up and are thanked by the inn-keeper. Ava decides to accept his offer of hospitality and stay in the shed, while Brynn heads up to the keep. Enith catches up to Brynn and convinces him to setup a dome for some of the most afflicted.

Ava, having tried to sleep, awakens (cold) to find out that she has failed to notice someone taking her stuff. She lights a lantern and looks around, noticing that valuable things have been stolen, but there are tracks. So, she decides to try and follow them, and successfully trails them back to one of the ‘camps’. Using her Fae Presence, she frightens the gathered group of people, demanding that they return her possessions.

She spots the guilty one, and demands her possessions be returned – “Give back what you stole.” – he responds by throwing possessions at her, including her stuff. She smugly departs, joining the rest of the group up at the lodge.


Fridirick seeks out those that are afflicted with disease – including:

- About a dozen in the hall afflicted with minor diseases and STDs.
- There are a variety of poisons, some in the cooks area, and some in the grand rooms where the lord and his family stay.

  • Taking Brynn with him he departs, making his way towards the rest of the town, before acting on the discoveries, though he does mention the cook’s poisons to Sabeen.
    - 8 Cases of Frostbite
    - A number of venereal diseases
    - Elderly Lung Diseases

With Brynn’s assistance, Fridirick is able to heal the most horribly afflicted. He goes out of his way to threaten one noble (Braggi – the original Bro) who has been spreading his disease sexually.

Meanwhile, Sabeen seeks out the young mother, offering to help her alleviate her pregnancy if she wishes. She tries to be delicate about the matter, simply offering to help if needed. For the low price of 50 gold, and the woman agrees. (Actually, she spoke to the woman the night before). Sabeen goes on to procure the ingredients, which it turns out can be found among the possessions of the man who the young woman was going to run off with!

After some thought, she ropes Ava into it, disguises her, and sends her off to acquire what is needed (hopefully hiding the trail). She puts on a disguise as a pregnant refuge and manages to convince the guy to sell her what she needs. While there, she notices a small vial of important herbs and steals them… a ‘glowy’ vial that has poison oak concentrate in it.

Ava sees a vision that she should put this vial into the potion, and she convinces Sabeen to let her deliver the abortion potion just so she can do that. Shady, shady. She delivers the potion, and the woman seems grateful.

Back at the keep, while the group is preparing to travel, Fridirick asks Sabeen to sneak in and steal the poisons from the Cooks room. She slips through the kitchen like a ghost, and works here way into the cooks room. There she sees a collection of poisons and books about them – but it doesn’t seem like this guy is up to no good. It seems like he is just trying to learn. So, she leaves him with an advice note and then departs.

Finally, the party makes arrangements to leave – they head out with just a few days worth of supplies, leaving Haelga and most of their stuff behind… they must move quickly to make this happen!

The party takes TWO days worth of rations.

With the help of the ranger, they are making good time. They are following a river – where they see the destroyed mill previously mentioned. It has been burned, but unfortunately they can’t tell much. They Do a little bit of investigation, and try and seek answers, but mostly just more mysteries. Thinking they might ask the dead, they search the mill… and find all of the corpses, now turned to zombies. They are handily dispatched, and then Ava rings the bell to try and talk with the corpse of the Miller.

They burned to death unexpectedly, but it further suggests that the rabble-rousers may be responsible. There is mention of a son though, so the party uses detect evil to find the other body (which they suspect is the sun) – they examine the body. It is NOT the son, and he appears to have been brained in the back of the head.

Burn the bodies. Move on out.

Along the way we see the Ziggurat, as well as some Udvatchen – ugh – hurry onward. But when they reach the location they expect they should be, they see nothing – until an array of arrows, marks a line. Enith calls out, declaring that they come in peace.

A hoard of Alseid approaches, more than a dozen. They approach Fridirick, but he directs them to speak with Enith, who explains that she thinks this is all a messy mis-understanding. They say they will take the party to the ‘Truth-Speaker’, but they must hand over their weapons. The party agrees to do so.

In mass they head into the forest, and are taken to the Alseid village. Everything they have seems to be natural, without any sort of manufacturing. The party is taken to a tent, within which are a variety of women, one of which is clearly older and graying.

The party discusses things, and asks her for information. She seems to confirm the ideas that the party already has – namely, that a third party is stirring up this trouble. They have not been involved in any of the attacks. The men who attack were wearing a lot of metal (where as the people in town wear mostly hide/leather).

Back in town, the party splits up. Plans for next session:

- Fridirick & Sabeen: Look for desecrated areas
- Brynn & Ava: Look for the hired helpers (bad guys?)
- Enith: Talk to the trapper about his river hole



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