The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 008: First Steps on a New Journey South

D&D Northwarde 2016-10-30: Sean taking Notes



  • Sean - Fridirick Brynn / Enith
  • Spes - Enith Brynn / Sabeen
  • Chris - Brynn Fridirick / Ava
  • Paris - Sabeen Ava / Brynn
  • Corrine – Ava Fridirick / Brynn


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfing – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic, Animal-Handling. Hound Master.


The party makes preparations for the next day, while Brynn and Fridirick go to his family home to look at maps. The location for the ring’s beacon seems to be just to the Northeast of a region known as the Stones. An ancient area of Clanless barrows. It looks like the path will take us through Snow Leopard lands first, but then through several others.

Meanwhile, back in the castle, Enith notices that the dogs are on edge. She extends her senses, and feels the presence of something Fiendish below the surface. But as she feels it, it seems to be an earthquake, slowly building in force. In the library Brynn and Fridirick struggle to save a priceless vase from falling. Elsewhere, Sabeen watches as part of the wall falls and tumbles towards her. She flips out of the way, gracefully avoiding it. Ava goes to help Vinter who is having a bit of trouble in his lab… not great.

But, all told, though there is damage most of the major damage seems to be limited, though the community has clearly suffered.

Returning to plans of travel: There are two options. One is longer and safer, but considerably slower. The other leads through some contested territory, which is understandably more dangerous. There is some conversation, but the party decides to take the more dangerous route for both speed and sparing the innocent.

Wealth Spent 3: 6 Weeks worth of Rations for a party of 6. 1 day of rations for 12 dogs.

Finally, the journey begins! The party winds their way south for the first day, unable to hunt any beasts, but that night something approaches the campsite… and starts looting our food supply. It looks like a massive bear but maybe with tusks?, so Brynn tries to scare it away… and is successful, but how much damage did it do? He estimates that about 15 pounds of food are lost…

40 Days of Food Remaining

The next day the journey continues, still without good hunting, but Enith notices signs of Trollkin amidst the trees. The signs tell her that traps lie ahead, so she calls the caravan to a stop. Then, Enith and Sabeen move forward to check for traps… where they spot a spike pit. Inside of it is a boar, a fresh kill – Fridirick lowers Enith down to get it.

Suddenly, they are ambushed by a pack of Trollkin, at least 8.

Sabeen rushes forward to try and stab one, and manages to stab one in the eye socket, then slashes it offhand, almost dropping it. It scratches at her, even as another one rips at Brynn. To rush towards Fridirick, but they stumble and he manages to knock them both into the spike pit. Ava, meanwhile gets attacked and she lashes out with a hellish rebuke – enough to get its attention and hurt it. The others attack, but no more injuries are inflicted by the Trollkin.

Sabeen steps back and lashes out with a cone of fire, burning one and taking the injured one down completely. Brynn and Haelga lash out, doing some damage. Ava and Sabeen take some more damage, even as Brynn does as well – claws ripping into the party as the Trollkin go wild. Haelga unleashes the hounds upon them. Ava manages to take down the one on her., as does Enith. Taking to horseback (Drift-back), Fridirick rushes up and helps Haelga, then lashes out at the one on Brynn. Moments later, Brynn takes it down, then rushes to help defend the sleds.

A few moments later, after a flurry of attacks, the Trollkin are down. But more are coming, so the party hurries along, watching for traps. They manage to outdistance the enemies.


The party finds a place to camp.

39 Days of food remaining

Traveling the next day, we see a small family of bears – no, walrus-bears that have been crushed by a tree! The party digs them out, and examines them – rare creatures that befell a foul fate. (5 pounds of meat) – And We managed to catch a deer (14 pounds). Later that evening, the party comes across some tracks…

More Trollkin Tracks. A great many, and it looks something on horseback was chasing them, and they were running. The trail ends up leading to a Trollkin settlement, where they have been murdered and piled up. The party takes a moment to look for food… but they also gather that Imperials were behind it. Probably just a vengeance kill.

(+20 lbs of Trollkin Grade Food) – 15 Gold worth of Baubles.

The party then presses onward, trying to obscure their trail, but shortly thereafter they notices lights ahead. Sabeen and Enith creep forward, sneaking towards the lights. It looks like a small southern settlement! It looks like this place was recently attacked by someone…

The party decides to approach the place, openly, and hope to be able to sleep in real beds tonight. Fridirick calls out to them and explains where they are from. Aufstok’s Claim is the name of this little fort town. It’s one of the clannish, frontier’s people settlements – we establish that these folks tend to be proud of their clan, hardy wilderness capable, and frequently quite hospitable to travelers of the same major Clan. After a few moments, the bridge is lowered and they are let in. Brief introductions are made. It is mentioned that Alseid attacked recently, but they aren’t quite sure why…



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