The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 007: Goddammit Brynn

I Nonlethally Assassinate My Friend!

D&D Northwarde 2016-10-09: Sean taking Notes



  • Sean - Fridirick Sabeen/Sabeen
  • Spes - Enith Fridirick/Sabeen
  • Chris - Brynn Fridirick/Sabeen
  • Paris - Sabeen Fridirick/Fridirick


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfing – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic, Animal-Handling. Hound Master.


First Fire – a Dwarven Hold to the North, about a week away, though we would need to carry.

A unit of wealth = 100 GP approximately. We have 100.

Learned from the First Wife: She outlived the original founder of the keep, and was ruling in secret. She was a magician, and knows a lot about the area. Much of the reputation of the lord was fabricated by her in order to assert her rule. She does know of the location of a quarry to the south, in a region known for seismic activity – explaining why it is no longer known to us. But, it could be reopened potentially though it is currently buried under earth and water.

Some time passes though, as the party continues to clear up the keep and assess the full extend of the repairs that are going to need taken care of.

Wealth Spent: 3 – Custom Splint Mail for Fridirick

… totally failed to take notes, distracted -

Enith has went out to search the quarry area, and manages to find the location, but it seems like its a dark and dangerous place… and also there is a lake there. She sees some signs that there may be Frost Maiden’s in the area – savages (Trollkin) have left signs and marks meant to keep the Frost Maidens at bay… or more likely that they are trying to keep something IN the lake.

Wealth Spent 2: Glyph of Warding

Fridirick travels down the old coastal road – summoning his Mount – a massive white Caribou. Drift.

Wealth Spent 2: Leaded Chest with Awesome Lock (requires two keys and button), which is also warded.

Wealth Spent 3: 6 Healing Potions

NEW RULE: Crafting a Scroll – Time x Materials = 25 gold per the square of the level of the spell.

And then, for god awful reasons, the group decided they will travel everywhere by sled-dogs.

Wealth Spent 3: For 4 sleds and 12 dogs.

Wages Paid: 11 Wealth Per Month –
Significant Project #1 – Roofing for the Main building structure – 15 Wealth.

Meanwhile, the end of the month has arrived and it is time to turn over the ring. Of course, Freya wants to have it kept… Fridirick tries to convince the group that they should hold on to the ring. The priests show up, and They go to get the ring. Enith is the first to touch the ring and she flees on foot, managing to sneak out. Fortunately, Vinter has a contingency plan – A locate object spell. He chases her on the back of his mount…

They catch up to her, but she is magically hiding, making it difficult. They try and talk her down. She’s resisting, but is at least resisting.

“I’m going to non-lethally assassinate my friend”

Eventually, they manage to break the items control over her. After some discussion they notice a few things: the bone is throbbing, and seems to be pulling in one direction. They discuss, and plan to return it to the cubby hole, hoping that will suppress it… but it doesn’t.

Messages are sent, and soon the Firetenders arrive. They say that this is perhaps a relic of the Clanless. A lead box was discussed as a potential solution, and the fire tenders go off to fetch one. The ring is left at the keep for now.

Freya shows up and also confirms that it is likely a creation of the Clanless. She basically tells Fridirick that he will be disowned if he lets it go. After some MORE discussion, Fridirick decides to let them study it, but keep his own control over it. when they go to move it, however, Brynn ‘accidentally’ puts the ring on.

He can’t take it off. but otherwise seems to maintain his mind, and further investigation shows the ring seems to have lost some of its power.

The party seems to be of the opinion that following the rings direction is the wisest path. In the middle of the night, Sabeen s called to the lighthouse, and they tell her that she has been trusted with this task. The task being: kill Brynn if she has to.

Gjarmundrae – the original creator/possessor of the ring (a sorcerer)

They reveal that the ring is mostly a guide to other things.



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