The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 003: Slithering Into the Deep Dark

D&D Northwarde 2016-08-14: Sean taking Notes


  • Corinne- Ava Sabeen/Brynn
  • Sean - Fridirick Enith/Brynn
  • Spes - Enith Sabeen/Fridirick
  • Paris - Sabeen Ava/Fridirick
  • Chris - Brynn Ava/Fridirick

Last time…

Brynn returned, despite some troubles. Chaos and funtimes ensued. Brynn managed to rescue his parents from the Alchemist guild attack. With violence.


Brynn’s father is fairly upset, and blames Brynn, while his mother is at least happy to see him. Fridirick suggests reporting the crime and getting the town guard. They were already on their way. The party explains that they were assaulted, and manages to talk down the pack of guards. In the process, Ava plays her new set of bells and it creeps everyone out.

The guards have no qualm with them and let them keep what they want, as well as burning the bodies.

Ritual Time with Sabeen! The bodies are laid out on funeral pyres, then doused with a flammable liquid. A song is sung for them, then they are burned.

The group goes to go get some rest, and Brynn tells his parents that they can stay at the Inn.

The next day, Brynn is up early to go fishing. With his angry dad. They go up the river to do spear fishing and have a chat. His father cautions him not to give up his pride and serve Fridirick, and also wants to know when He and Ava are getting married.

“Think deeply on your Anchors”

Enith, meanwhile, has spent some time looking at the jewelry. The necklaces seem to be magical, and some of the rings appear to be keys. She keeps those and tries to pawn the others.

Fridirick tries to do some digging on the nature of the old keep he has acquired. He finds some notes about other volumes as well. An old map of the upper level is included in that information. The keep was built 900 years ago! Hjorvard Andrekky was the person who built it but little is actually known about him. There is a promise of treasure.

Ava is off busking and trying to run up some money to help the family whose home burned down. She makes some good money busking, especially at lunch.

Sabeen is visiting the temple aligned to the fire keepers of Bradn. (“Because I misspelled it, I’m going with.”) God of Flame and Fortune. (Will also decided that Sigri was the Url Queen (goddess of the fae)). She receives a vision – she receives 5 individual uses of the Guidance Cantrip.

Eventually the group meets back together and shares their information. They decide to meet at the tower and go clear out the udvatchen. Fridirick gives a rallying speech, while Brynn passes out Placebo potions. Enith also passes out the magical necklaces.

Inside the keep, the group tries to figure out how to get through the rubble. They send the snake down to look, but it doesn’t seem to discover much. There is some discussion about what to do, but the options seem… weak. Finally they come up with a GREAT PLAN! They will be absorbed into the flesh of the snake, using a potion, and the snake will carry them underground.

It works, but as soon as they are Fridirick leaps free. Soon, the others follow, and only Brynn remains inside the snake. But he seems okay with that. As the group continues onward, they are ambushed by a pack of udvatchen!

Ava tries to use faerie fire, which succeeds in lighting the place up but doesn’t hit anyone else. She stabs one, but then they retaliate… and they begin to swarm the party, slamming attacks into Fridirick and Ava. Attacks are doled out against the udvauchen, even as the party takes wounds. 1 is down from hellfire, another a moment later from Sabeen’s blade. Fridierick tries to offer magical protection, and Brynn pops out of the snake. Enith tries to joint he fray – but doesn’t do much with her torch.

Blows are traded back and forth with the udvatchen suffering casualties as they continue to rain damage down on the party. Heavy wounds are sustained all around by the swarming enemies. Fridirick and Enith go down in the fray while Ava brings the unholy wrath. Sabeen is attacking like a psycho, taking them down left and right.

By the end of the party, everyone is taken down at least once EXCEPT for Brynn. The udvatchen are defeated.

The party falls back and flees. They decide to recruit some help and try to completely dig out the hole. Enith does some more scouting as well and finds a water source coming out of the ground.

Using some poor laborers, the group works at digging the ruins out. Meanwhile, Sabeen and Enith decide to go explore the other tower that was previously closed off. they climb up, then make their way downward. Eventually they manage to make it to the bottom of the tower, to a room that seems to have been abandoned.



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