The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 013: A Chilly Family Reunion

2017-03-26: Northwarde D&D Session Notes


PC Ally Rival
Brynn Tanya Fridirick
Enith Tanya Fridirick
Sabeen Enith Brynn
Tanya Brynn Enith
Fridirick Enith Sabeen

The Story Continues…

Picking up from last time – the party has arrived at a walled-off tower. A fortification surrounding a tower with a blazing tower atop it. It has a heavy skull motif to it. The gates have opened and three mounted riders come out. One is heavily armored, another clearly a fighter, and the third dressed as a noble. Fridirick holds a hand up in greeting… and they approach, greeting us in old Northerner.

Vanalan, the knight commander of the outpost asks for introductions. They seem impressed by Enith. Turns out they are of house Yeti (the lost!). Among them is a Snow Elf. Fridirick recalls that the YETI clan once laid claim to this region, which had Elvish leadership (long, long ago). We follow their lead into the keep.

Chris Sucks – but he won’t see this.

They take our mounts and dogs, and take us inside. Food and drink are offered as well as lodging. We are taken to some quarters that we can use for the night, and shortly thereafter someone shows up to take us to dinner. Once again, one of the elves approaches Enith. They invite her upstairs, and she is lead to a wizardly-type room which is very ‘busy’, but also very natural in its configuration. A woman steps in with her – the third rider from before. She is an aged elf,

“We knew you would come back. Welcome home.”

The wizard elf seems to have been expecting Enith. They talk a little bit, and Enith explains that she doesn’t know anything about what the lady is asking. Apparently her father (Vincent) was supposed to do something with her. Also, her name is apparently Fallochiia.

Down below, the party partakes of the soup. It is interesting – but odd. The party is left in their room, while Enith is taken on a tour of the tower. They explain that she is special in some way.

Meanwhile, back in the sleeping room… Brynn seems to be growing. That’s odd – perhaps a normal growth spurt, or perhaps associated with the ring.

Eventually Enith is taking down into the underbelly of the tower now, where the woman continues to educate her on who she is and where she comes from. (Malkaragorra) History of the tribes, the Udvatchen (the blight). Her people are trying to find a way to drive back the blight… to make the Udvatchen go extinct. The conversation is so intense that Enith gets lost in thought.

Somewhere down a long passage they find a wall of force which resists her advance. Beyond the wall are Udvatchen! One of them approaches, and tries to speak with her… it seems odd…


(thats the message from the cat).

But, it is revealed by the Mistress that the Udvatchen are a blight that corrupted a people. And that they are trying to ‘clean’ the Udvatchen. If they can ‘reclaim’ the blight, they can rise to power once again.

Back in their room… everyone is in a deep slumber, and only Tanya can awaken. She alerts the guard!

Back down below, Enith is taken someplace strange, where the very world seems to move and bend like clay. She meets a new person, a very whimsical and almost flighty seeming wizard who is VERY eager to explain al the magical things to him. He is very animated. He tries to explain things to Enith, but it is all very complicated. Next, they show her an Armory. … and then finally reveal her Mother! An Udvauchen!

Back again – Tanya sends Mustafa to ‘Find Enith’ but as he leave she sees Elves coming to the room with Weapons ready! – ACK! The spell caster tries to put Tanya in a hold spell, but she keeps resisting.

Altenel – the caster – tries to stomp on the snake, but misses, while the guards rush in and start slashing Tonya in an attempt to subdue her! Down below, Enith’s ‘Mother’ lunges at her, and she staggers back and shields herself. Tanya is done with this shit and knocks one down on the ground (Adaron). The cultist tries to attack, but is mostly ineffective… Enith manages to avoid the danger, and runs her mother through with a blade! Right through the heart. Tanya takes down Altenel, and Egon wisely flees, calling out for reinforcements. The two powerful elves with Enith seem quite impressed that she killed it so quickly.

Tanya manages to wake up Fridirick (though he has a cracked rib). He makes a cacophonous blast of sound – but it doesn’t stir anyone.

Enith, below, is getting a history lesson. She does NOT appreciate this. She wants out of here.

Tanya goes on to wake Brynn the same way… OUCH… and even tries to wake Healga (but fails to break her ribs)

Ellruir (Another Cultist) shows up at the door with three other ‘scouts’. He tries to hold Tanya – but she continues to resist. The scouts level bows and threaten to attack if the players don’t put down their weapons. Before more damage can be done, Brynn and Fridirick are able to bring a moment of peace and respite.

Peace is restored… and Enith returns.

The next morning (after a good night’s sleep), Cara & Ira (Wizards) meet with the party to explain things. After a fair amount of negotiation, Fridirick agrees to help sire more half-Udvatchen (like Enith). Brynn declines. Nobody except for Fridirick sees the value of this agreement (in fact, they really disapprove!)

That night, on the rooftop, Sabeen has a conversation with the priest, while Fridirick gets with his women-folk.

Night Two: Fridirick Gets with Cara.

Nobody Agrees…

When they go to depart the next day, the Night Guard Captain tells them that they are favored among the Yeti tribes.


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