The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 012: Farewells and Welcomings

2017-03-12: Northwarde D&D Session Notes



PC Ally Rival
Brynn Tanya Fridirick
Enith Brynn Fridirick
Fridirick Sabeen Brynn
Sabeen Fridirick Brynn
Tanya Brynn Fridirick


First order of business – a welcome to Jeanne and her new character, Tanya. She has been taken prisoner by the southerners that we just eliminated. Brynn realizes that he recognizes her from his traveling days in the circus. She relates that the troop has been disposed of, while the party talks briefly about their battle. The next day the party returns to Aufstok’s Claim with the survivor – or plans too. First, they notice the horses have returned, so they spend a little time getting the horses to accept new owners, load everyone up, and head back.

Also – Wealth Units Gained = 4,317, Gold. (43 Wealth Units).

Gems = Amethyst (100), Coral (100), Garnets x2(100), Pearl (100), Spinel x2(100)

10 Wealth gone to spoils. 1 for Haelga. 5 for the town. SO – 27 Wealth Units remain

Everyone does some shopping. And some other stuff. Tanya, it turns out, sucks at shopping. At least assuming you don’t want to get swindled. Sabeen finds the woman who they helped arrange for an abortion. She is pretty upset, but Sabeen comforts her. However, when they go to depart she notices odd red thorny flowers growing. That night they have a great feast, enjoy themselves, and Fridirick sobers everyone before letting them go to sleep.

Finally, the party sets off once again. We swing by the Alseid and tell them the tale, which will hopefully soothe injured feelings. They gift us with two sprigs of frosted goodberries. 20 – good berries, then escort us to the edge of the territory.

By lunchtime, we are in the reclaimed lands. A beautiful valley is found – but it also has clear signs of udvauchen activity – a tragedy given its beauty. The party opts to camp there for the night, as it seems to be faintly lit by some form of magic. While Sabeen is on watch, the White Witch of Winter shows up! But it’s all a dream (fortunately) – and she awakens with a gasp.(I missed part of this!)

The rest of the watch goes by uneventfully, but Sabeen is clearly jumpy. Enith, on the other hand, sleeps like a baby.

In the morning, we find a bunch of little white-witch dolls around the campsite… which we burn.

Riding away, we encounter a scene, where three hanging Walrus-Bears have been plucked of all their hair. This is a sign that they have been performing an Augury of their own – asking their goddess for direction. That’s bad. Even worse, it’s starting to snow. Continuing onward, we see a Ziggurat (almost certainly full of Udvatchen). Brynn’s ring seems to be drawn to it… but Enith confirms that there are a TONS of them here.

So, we decide to circumvent the valley and encounter some sort of fortified area. A wall – a tower with a beacon fire… and spikes with skulls on them. Three riders emerge from the ominously-opening gates, and the session concludes there.