The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 0011: The Epic Patron Throw-Down

2017-02-26: Northwarde D&D Session Notes



PC Ally Rival
Ava Sabeen Brynn
Brynn Ava Enith
Enith Fridirick Brynn
Fridirick Brynn Sabeen
Sabeen Ava Brynn


This is Corinne’s final game – so things don’t look super good for Ava’s lifespan. Let’s see what happens!

Two more riders charge forward, with the horsemen attacking Fridirick but failing to land a blow. Ava and Sabeen scramble off to the sides. Sabeen releases a blast of light and raises her holy symbol. The Warlock, however, locks eyes with Ava – and there is a sudden wave of power. At the same time, the enemy warlock suddenly transforms into a massive, powerful enemy… and Ava feels a dark urge which sees this new warlock as a challenge, and she transforms as well!

Meanwhile, Fridirick comes to Sabeen’s aid, healing her with his lay-on-hands and moving into a defensive position. Brynn, still on a distant hill-top, finishes off the man in combat with him and rushes forward to join the rest of us.

Ava, now as a powerful witch casts a powerful compelling spell, and then blasts the enemy warlock – and the Warlock retaliates with powerful spells and attacks of her own. The henchmen try to attack, but it seems clearly ineffective as the arrows are burned away. Some of the warlocks allies also attack her (thanks to suggestion), but they cannot break through the barrier.

Above them all, the demi-gods continue to duel… and then a pack of devils shows up, crawling out of the underworld. Moments later, a similar fae army arrives.

Combat continues:

Sabeen tries to move into position for a sneak attack, but doesn’t land it. An arrow does indeed land though, damaging one of the demons. Above them, the enemy warlock takes a moment to rip health from Ava, who retaliates with a moonsilver punch to the face.

Then, Ava-thing bestows a curse on the creature – but it manages to resist, and she punches it with her moonsilver ring once again. The enemy warlock draws for a barrage of magic missiles, but she counters and then gets hit a moment later. Fridirick charges forward and uses ‘Turn the Unholy’, which frightens 4 of the 5 demons. Ava and the Warlock continue to trade spells, with Ava managing to counterspell all of the badness she is trying to bring to bear.

Further north, Brynn gives some inspiration and arrows form henchmen continue to rain down. Meanwhile, Sabeen takes another round of painful wounds, while one of the enemies kills a spined devil, as the other devils try and flee – save for the one massive demon, which is swarmed by Fae.

Fearing for her life, Sabeen scurries northward, firing arrows as she tries to evade.

Back to the demi-gods. Ava casts HEX and then tries to bestow a curse, but the enemy resists, and she responds by giving it a classic face-punchy. The warlock retaliates by slashing into her with it’s massive cold-iron blade – and does a terrible amount of damage.

Fridirick Inspires the horsewoman – Shareen – to charge across the river, while he moves down to offer protection to Ava. This seems to anger Fridirick, and she tries to disintegrate Fridirick – but Ava counters the spell and retaliates with a massive bolt of lightning. Arrows continue to fly, peppering the enemies. Enith likewise sends arrows in that direction, pincushioning.

The demon, meanwhile, slaughters the fae around it, taking a barrage of damage but clearly winning. Back on the other side, Sabeen burns one of the soldiers to death -

In the sky, Sava tries to use powerful magic to take down the warlock, but it fails tragically, though. When the warlock retaliates, Ava knocks her out of the sky, and she crashes into the ground. Fridirick takes a few swings with his chain sword, and then Brynn rushes forward and tries to offer inspiration to Ava. Moments later, the Warlock teleports into the sky and starts flying, and Ava follows suit, popping around magically.

Back with the bone demon, Shareen delivers a trio of furious blows, and manages to deflect its incoming attacks. Arrows continue to fly. So, so, so many arrows…

Ava, in the sky with the enemy warlock once more – she tries to make it fall, but the warlock teleports over to her, attacking her ferociously. And manages to slay her – capturing her soul, before dropping to the ground unconscious. Fridirick, enraged, smashes her unholy sword while his mount stomps on the unconscious head… and it causes a massive blast of energy that sends Brynn and Fridirick flying, though they survive the blast. Dryft does not… Now, lying on the ground, Fridirick notices one of the bells ringing quietly, and he picks it up. A final message from Ava.

“Fridirick, build your castle, and take care of my tapestries – and tell Brynn to stop selling his snake oil and make music. Yes, make sure to make music. Don’t forget about the tapestries!”

In the wake of battle, the party loots the corpses, taking the following items:

  • A full suit of plate mail (Fridirick)
  • Two Warhorses and a Riding Horse
  • Various high-quality weapons.
  • A spear that always hits, but does no damage Magnificent Spear (given to Haelga)

A few minutes later, there are several explosions, which seal off most of the cave.
Part of the group decides to sneak around and go inside – triggering a collapsing trap. Enith continues to scout – and triggers yet ANOTHER trap. These chuckle-heads really rigged this place up. Continuing onward, she gets shot at by a barrage of arrows – which apparently came out of the wall. She sees a door but the door doesn’t seem to have any way to be opened.

2 foot by 2 inch, vertical murder slit – is found the hard way, as Fridirick begins to move around the room carefully. He gets stabbed and goes down. The party rushes in with the battering ram and uses it to block the slit, Then they decide to collect the rest of the party – an arguably good plan. Fridirick is restored to life and the party rests.

Then, they make a battering ram out of one of the traps and bash the door open. Beyond is a stone hall, along with several doors. More traps too! They find the murder hole, which holds a magical amulet, and then move on to the next room – which seems to be a holding point for prisoners. They are released – several northerners and a few wild men.

From there, the party continues to clear the place, slowly moving through it safely. It looks like they had turned this into a base of operations for the region. There is also reference to another group that may be located in ‘the furthest reach’. Of other interest: a Loot Room – mostly with fur and trapping gear. There is, however, also a small box in one of the sleeping areas… but it appears to be magically trapped.

In the end, we open the chest & find a magical book. Using detect magic and identify:

  • A magical glove that has ‘finger hats’
  • A tome of leadership and influence (+1 Charisma or +1 Bard Level)
  • An amulet that protects against scrying