The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 0010: Strength in Numbers

2017-02-12: Northwarde D&D Session Notes



PC Ally Rival
Ava N/A N/A
Brynn Fridirick Sabeen
Enith Brynn Fridirick
Fridirick Enith Brynn
Sabeen Fridirick Brynn

Hirelings Present

  • Haelga – Female Human, Optimistic, Official Hound Master of the Chainspire.

New Named NPCs

  • Danfred: old trapper seeking to retire
  • Odven, Braggi, and Ingerdig: Huntsman who join us.


It seems as though the target we need to track down is an Imperial War Band.


We begin with an important discussion about the world of Narnia. Recap and re-familiarization.

The party has made its way back to town, and Fridirick and Sabeen make a run around the town looking for any signs of magic or evil. Enith notes that the trapper has illusion magic in effect, while the other two see only the court magician who advises them that such activity is frowned upon. The magician also confirms that he knows of no Fell Magic practitioners.

Meanwhile, Enith recruits the assistance of Brynn to approach the trapper and ask him about his river hole. The Trapper’s name is Danfred, and he isn’t happy about the drifters. They talk to him for a bit, and convince the man to tell them how to get to the hidey hole. They thank him and bribe him a little. It turns out that he also has a necklace that hides him from the Udvatchen. Edith tries to convince him to let her look at the necklace, and eventually succeeds. She gets to know him a little bit.

Other than that, the party doesn’t learn anything interesting.

The group dines, and is invited to stay on the furs at the lodge. In the morning, they discuss and decide to go scout. When they get there, Sabeen and Brynn sneak forward to scout. Fridirick and Enith stay back. They do an excellent job sneaking, and do a thorough search of the place. After surveying the place, the group tries to figure out what to do – then decides to go back and ask for troops from Aufstock.

Odven, Braggi, Ingerdig – Huntsman who join us.

The plan – take out the guards quickly – then move into the fray.
Sabeen opens with an assassination arrow… 30 damage! And the fray officially begins. A second arrow takes down Sabeen’s sentry. The rest of the party opens fire/attacks the other sentry.

However, a third sentry fires on the party – then disappears! The party tries to have a standoff with the archers, while Fridirick charges to Sabeen’s Aid (?) – with Ava on the mount as well.

Brynn charges the man, while the others hold for a shot. Brynn engages the wounded sentry, and is wounded, but as the other sentry pops up the team fires in mass.

At the entrance, a massive armored man comes out, and charges Friedrick – stabbing him. Along with a second person. And then a third! They slam their attacks into Fridirick, badly wounding him. But a moment later he knocks one down and kills the other.!

Sabeen gets attacked by a warlock, nearly dying, and then is knocked off of the cave ledge. Ava drops next to her and turns both of them invisible.