The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 0011: The Epic Patron Throw-Down

2017-02-26: Northwarde D&D Session Notes



PC Ally Rival
Ava Sabeen Brynn
Brynn Ava Enith
Enith Fridirick Brynn
Fridirick Brynn Sabeen
Sabeen Ava Brynn


This is Corinne’s final game – so things don’t look super good for Ava’s lifespan. Let’s see what happens!

Two more riders charge forward, with the horsemen attacking Fridirick but failing to land a blow. Ava and Sabeen scramble off to the sides. Sabeen releases a blast of light and raises her holy symbol. The Warlock, however, locks eyes with Ava – and there is a sudden wave of power. At the same time, the enemy warlock suddenly transforms into a massive, powerful enemy… and Ava feels a dark urge which sees this new warlock as a challenge, and she transforms as well!

Meanwhile, Fridirick comes to Sabeen’s aid, healing her with his lay-on-hands and moving into a defensive position. Brynn, still on a distant hill-top, finishes off the man in combat with him and rushes forward to join the rest of us.

Ava, now as a powerful witch casts a powerful compelling spell, and then blasts the enemy warlock – and the Warlock retaliates with powerful spells and attacks of her own. The henchmen try to attack, but it seems clearly ineffective as the arrows are burned away. Some of the warlocks allies also attack her (thanks to suggestion), but they cannot break through the barrier.

Above them all, the demi-gods continue to duel… and then a pack of devils shows up, crawling out of the underworld. Moments later, a similar fae army arrives.

Combat continues:

Sabeen tries to move into position for a sneak attack, but doesn’t land it. An arrow does indeed land though, damaging one of the demons. Above them, the enemy warlock takes a moment to rip health from Ava, who retaliates with a moonsilver punch to the face.

Then, Ava-thing bestows a curse on the creature – but it manages to resist, and she punches it with her moonsilver ring once again. The enemy warlock draws for a barrage of magic missiles, but she counters and then gets hit a moment later. Fridirick charges forward and uses ‘Turn the Unholy’, which frightens 4 of the 5 demons. Ava and the Warlock continue to trade spells, with Ava managing to counterspell all of the badness she is trying to bring to bear.

Further north, Brynn gives some inspiration and arrows form henchmen continue to rain down. Meanwhile, Sabeen takes another round of painful wounds, while one of the enemies kills a spined devil, as the other devils try and flee – save for the one massive demon, which is swarmed by Fae.

Fearing for her life, Sabeen scurries northward, firing arrows as she tries to evade.

Back to the demi-gods. Ava casts HEX and then tries to bestow a curse, but the enemy resists, and she responds by giving it a classic face-punchy. The warlock retaliates by slashing into her with it’s massive cold-iron blade – and does a terrible amount of damage.

Fridirick Inspires the horsewoman – Shareen – to charge across the river, while he moves down to offer protection to Ava. This seems to anger Fridirick, and she tries to disintegrate Fridirick – but Ava counters the spell and retaliates with a massive bolt of lightning. Arrows continue to fly, peppering the enemies. Enith likewise sends arrows in that direction, pincushioning.

The demon, meanwhile, slaughters the fae around it, taking a barrage of damage but clearly winning. Back on the other side, Sabeen burns one of the soldiers to death -

In the sky, Sava tries to use powerful magic to take down the warlock, but it fails tragically, though. When the warlock retaliates, Ava knocks her out of the sky, and she crashes into the ground. Fridirick takes a few swings with his chain sword, and then Brynn rushes forward and tries to offer inspiration to Ava. Moments later, the Warlock teleports into the sky and starts flying, and Ava follows suit, popping around magically.

Back with the bone demon, Shareen delivers a trio of furious blows, and manages to deflect its incoming attacks. Arrows continue to fly. So, so, so many arrows…

Ava, in the sky with the enemy warlock once more – she tries to make it fall, but the warlock teleports over to her, attacking her ferociously. And manages to slay her – capturing her soul, before dropping to the ground unconscious. Fridirick, enraged, smashes her unholy sword while his mount stomps on the unconscious head… and it causes a massive blast of energy that sends Brynn and Fridirick flying, though they survive the blast. Dryft does not… Now, lying on the ground, Fridirick notices one of the bells ringing quietly, and he picks it up. A final message from Ava.

“Fridirick, build your castle, and take care of my tapestries – and tell Brynn to stop selling his snake oil and make music. Yes, make sure to make music. Don’t forget about the tapestries!”

In the wake of battle, the party loots the corpses, taking the following items:

  • A full suit of plate mail (Fridirick)
  • Two Warhorses and a Riding Horse
  • Various high-quality weapons.
  • A spear that always hits, but does no damage Magnificent Spear (given to Haelga)

A few minutes later, there are several explosions, which seal off most of the cave.
Part of the group decides to sneak around and go inside – triggering a collapsing trap. Enith continues to scout – and triggers yet ANOTHER trap. These chuckle-heads really rigged this place up. Continuing onward, she gets shot at by a barrage of arrows – which apparently came out of the wall. She sees a door but the door doesn’t seem to have any way to be opened.

2 foot by 2 inch, vertical murder slit – is found the hard way, as Fridirick begins to move around the room carefully. He gets stabbed and goes down. The party rushes in with the battering ram and uses it to block the slit, Then they decide to collect the rest of the party – an arguably good plan. Fridirick is restored to life and the party rests.

Then, they make a battering ram out of one of the traps and bash the door open. Beyond is a stone hall, along with several doors. More traps too! They find the murder hole, which holds a magical amulet, and then move on to the next room – which seems to be a holding point for prisoners. They are released – several northerners and a few wild men.

From there, the party continues to clear the place, slowly moving through it safely. It looks like they had turned this into a base of operations for the region. There is also reference to another group that may be located in ‘the furthest reach’. Of other interest: a Loot Room – mostly with fur and trapping gear. There is, however, also a small box in one of the sleeping areas… but it appears to be magically trapped.

In the end, we open the chest & find a magical book. Using detect magic and identify:

  • A magical glove that has ‘finger hats’
  • A tome of leadership and influence (+1 Charisma or +1 Bard Level)
  • An amulet that protects against scrying
2nd Campaign, Session 0010: Strength in Numbers

2017-02-12: Northwarde D&D Session Notes



PC Ally Rival
Ava N/A N/A
Brynn Fridirick Sabeen
Enith Brynn Fridirick
Fridirick Enith Brynn
Sabeen Fridirick Brynn

Hirelings Present

  • Haelga – Female Human, Optimistic, Official Hound Master of the Chainspire.

New Named NPCs

  • Danfred: old trapper seeking to retire
  • Odven, Braggi, and Ingerdig: Huntsman who join us.


It seems as though the target we need to track down is an Imperial War Band.


We begin with an important discussion about the world of Narnia. Recap and re-familiarization.

The party has made its way back to town, and Fridirick and Sabeen make a run around the town looking for any signs of magic or evil. Enith notes that the trapper has illusion magic in effect, while the other two see only the court magician who advises them that such activity is frowned upon. The magician also confirms that he knows of no Fell Magic practitioners.

Meanwhile, Enith recruits the assistance of Brynn to approach the trapper and ask him about his river hole. The Trapper’s name is Danfred, and he isn’t happy about the drifters. They talk to him for a bit, and convince the man to tell them how to get to the hidey hole. They thank him and bribe him a little. It turns out that he also has a necklace that hides him from the Udvatchen. Edith tries to convince him to let her look at the necklace, and eventually succeeds. She gets to know him a little bit.

Other than that, the party doesn’t learn anything interesting.

The group dines, and is invited to stay on the furs at the lodge. In the morning, they discuss and decide to go scout. When they get there, Sabeen and Brynn sneak forward to scout. Fridirick and Enith stay back. They do an excellent job sneaking, and do a thorough search of the place. After surveying the place, the group tries to figure out what to do – then decides to go back and ask for troops from Aufstock.

Odven, Braggi, Ingerdig – Huntsman who join us.

The plan – take out the guards quickly – then move into the fray.
Sabeen opens with an assassination arrow… 30 damage! And the fray officially begins. A second arrow takes down Sabeen’s sentry. The rest of the party opens fire/attacks the other sentry.

However, a third sentry fires on the party – then disappears! The party tries to have a standoff with the archers, while Fridirick charges to Sabeen’s Aid (?) – with Ava on the mount as well.

Brynn charges the man, while the others hold for a shot. Brynn engages the wounded sentry, and is wounded, but as the other sentry pops up the team fires in mass.

At the entrance, a massive armored man comes out, and charges Friedrick – stabbing him. Along with a second person. And then a third! They slam their attacks into Fridirick, badly wounding him. But a moment later he knocks one down and kills the other.!

Sabeen gets attacked by a warlock, nearly dying, and then is knocked off of the cave ledge. Ava drops next to her and turns both of them invisible.

2nd Campaign, Session 009: Something's Rotten at Aufstok's Claim

D&D Northwarde 2016-11-27: Sean taking Notes



  • Sean – Fridirick Enith / Ava
  • Spes – Enith Sabeen / Ava
  • Paris – Sabeen Enith / Fridirick
  • Corrine – Ava Enith / Fridirick


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfling – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic, Animal-Handling. Hound Master.


The party moves forward and gets a lay of the town itself, which shows occupation of outlying families who have come here to take refuge during the Alsied attacks. None-the-less, there are signs that these people are still doing well enough.

Fridirick is being led up the hill, while Ava is heading to a tavern to check on the scene there. Sabeen joins Ava, while Enith follows Fridirick to provide him some ‘back-up’.

The Tavern is quite packed, with the people inside feeling apprehensive mixed with somewhat forced cheer. They are attempting to keep spirits up, but they are doing a poor job, while the staff is working feverishly to provide for everyone. Throughout it all there is a sense that the community, rugged outdoorsmen mostly, are doing their best to help each other out. Ava and Brynn join in with the music playing – taking over for the current group, while Sabeen ‘skulks’, finding a corner to keep an eye on things. Given how packed the places is, its easy for her to hide.

“Hearts of the Northern Wild” – a Hick Tune – performed by Ava and Brynn, is an uplifting upbeat song.

Meanwhile – Enith and Fridirick approach the manner house, passing the guards and entering. Within is a long hall, which even here is heavily occupied. The lord sits upon a large ‘throne’ – really just a big couch – with his kin.

Basic Info: Aufstock Parnsson; Aged in 70’s – but very prolific with his spreading of offspring. it is likely that a solid 4 generations are here with him.

Despite his years he looks to be healthy and lively. He welcomes them, and they try to gather info – both about the current situation and their plans for moving forward. Aufstock seems very happy to see us and seems to be rather open. The problems with the Alseid are new, and in the past situations have been limited. Fridirick speculates that perhaps it is drummed up by the Imperial outliers… but Aufstock mentions that they attacked the individuals at the mill… slaughtered everything…

Fridirick manages to convey information about what they have seen, and offers aid to Aufstock in discovering what has transpired with the Alseid.

Enith gets some advice from a local scout woman, suggesting how best to continue our journey. This includes sled routes and updates to previously postulated paths.

Back in the tavern, Sabeen is managing to do some serious eavesdropping (27!):

- A woodsman drunkenly explains that he hasn’t been around because the Trollkin have been more fiercely defending their land, and his hold-over spot seemed to be occupied by ‘drifters’.
- Some kids are taking a break from their play, complaining about how no one listens to them, and that the hoof prints they saw at the burned farm were NOT Alseid hooves.
- A little juicy gossip as well: One of Aufstock’s (Ingrell) great grand children is secretly pregnant with a child not conceived of her husband, and they plan to flee once things have cleared up.

The party hangs out and plays (except for Fridirick) for a bit, and then heads up to the long house. They talk about how to help the people of this town, both directly and indirectly. Eventually, Brynn and Ava finish up and are thanked by the inn-keeper. Ava decides to accept his offer of hospitality and stay in the shed, while Brynn heads up to the keep. Enith catches up to Brynn and convinces him to setup a dome for some of the most afflicted.

Ava, having tried to sleep, awakens (cold) to find out that she has failed to notice someone taking her stuff. She lights a lantern and looks around, noticing that valuable things have been stolen, but there are tracks. So, she decides to try and follow them, and successfully trails them back to one of the ‘camps’. Using her Fae Presence, she frightens the gathered group of people, demanding that they return her possessions.

She spots the guilty one, and demands her possessions be returned – “Give back what you stole.” – he responds by throwing possessions at her, including her stuff. She smugly departs, joining the rest of the group up at the lodge.


Fridirick seeks out those that are afflicted with disease – including:

- About a dozen in the hall afflicted with minor diseases and STDs.
- There are a variety of poisons, some in the cooks area, and some in the grand rooms where the lord and his family stay.

  • Taking Brynn with him he departs, making his way towards the rest of the town, before acting on the discoveries, though he does mention the cook’s poisons to Sabeen.
    - 8 Cases of Frostbite
    - A number of venereal diseases
    - Elderly Lung Diseases

With Brynn’s assistance, Fridirick is able to heal the most horribly afflicted. He goes out of his way to threaten one noble (Braggi – the original Bro) who has been spreading his disease sexually.

Meanwhile, Sabeen seeks out the young mother, offering to help her alleviate her pregnancy if she wishes. She tries to be delicate about the matter, simply offering to help if needed. For the low price of 50 gold, and the woman agrees. (Actually, she spoke to the woman the night before). Sabeen goes on to procure the ingredients, which it turns out can be found among the possessions of the man who the young woman was going to run off with!

After some thought, she ropes Ava into it, disguises her, and sends her off to acquire what is needed (hopefully hiding the trail). She puts on a disguise as a pregnant refuge and manages to convince the guy to sell her what she needs. While there, she notices a small vial of important herbs and steals them… a ‘glowy’ vial that has poison oak concentrate in it.

Ava sees a vision that she should put this vial into the potion, and she convinces Sabeen to let her deliver the abortion potion just so she can do that. Shady, shady. She delivers the potion, and the woman seems grateful.

Back at the keep, while the group is preparing to travel, Fridirick asks Sabeen to sneak in and steal the poisons from the Cooks room. She slips through the kitchen like a ghost, and works here way into the cooks room. There she sees a collection of poisons and books about them – but it doesn’t seem like this guy is up to no good. It seems like he is just trying to learn. So, she leaves him with an advice note and then departs.

Finally, the party makes arrangements to leave – they head out with just a few days worth of supplies, leaving Haelga and most of their stuff behind… they must move quickly to make this happen!

The party takes TWO days worth of rations.

With the help of the ranger, they are making good time. They are following a river – where they see the destroyed mill previously mentioned. It has been burned, but unfortunately they can’t tell much. They Do a little bit of investigation, and try and seek answers, but mostly just more mysteries. Thinking they might ask the dead, they search the mill… and find all of the corpses, now turned to zombies. They are handily dispatched, and then Ava rings the bell to try and talk with the corpse of the Miller.

They burned to death unexpectedly, but it further suggests that the rabble-rousers may be responsible. There is mention of a son though, so the party uses detect evil to find the other body (which they suspect is the sun) – they examine the body. It is NOT the son, and he appears to have been brained in the back of the head.

Burn the bodies. Move on out.

Along the way we see the Ziggurat, as well as some Udvatchen – ugh – hurry onward. But when they reach the location they expect they should be, they see nothing – until an array of arrows, marks a line. Enith calls out, declaring that they come in peace.

A hoard of Alseid approaches, more than a dozen. They approach Fridirick, but he directs them to speak with Enith, who explains that she thinks this is all a messy mis-understanding. They say they will take the party to the ‘Truth-Speaker’, but they must hand over their weapons. The party agrees to do so.

In mass they head into the forest, and are taken to the Alseid village. Everything they have seems to be natural, without any sort of manufacturing. The party is taken to a tent, within which are a variety of women, one of which is clearly older and graying.

The party discusses things, and asks her for information. She seems to confirm the ideas that the party already has – namely, that a third party is stirring up this trouble. They have not been involved in any of the attacks. The men who attack were wearing a lot of metal (where as the people in town wear mostly hide/leather).

Back in town, the party splits up. Plans for next session:

- Fridirick & Sabeen: Look for desecrated areas
- Brynn & Ava: Look for the hired helpers (bad guys?)
- Enith: Talk to the trapper about his river hole

2nd Campaign, Session 008: First Steps on a New Journey South

D&D Northwarde 2016-10-30: Sean taking Notes



  • Sean - Fridirick Brynn / Enith
  • Spes - Enith Brynn / Sabeen
  • Chris - Brynn Fridirick / Ava
  • Paris - Sabeen Ava / Brynn
  • Corrine – Ava Fridirick / Brynn


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfing – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic, Animal-Handling. Hound Master.


The party makes preparations for the next day, while Brynn and Fridirick go to his family home to look at maps. The location for the ring’s beacon seems to be just to the Northeast of a region known as the Stones. An ancient area of Clanless barrows. It looks like the path will take us through Snow Leopard lands first, but then through several others.

Meanwhile, back in the castle, Enith notices that the dogs are on edge. She extends her senses, and feels the presence of something Fiendish below the surface. But as she feels it, it seems to be an earthquake, slowly building in force. In the library Brynn and Fridirick struggle to save a priceless vase from falling. Elsewhere, Sabeen watches as part of the wall falls and tumbles towards her. She flips out of the way, gracefully avoiding it. Ava goes to help Vinter who is having a bit of trouble in his lab… not great.

But, all told, though there is damage most of the major damage seems to be limited, though the community has clearly suffered.

Returning to plans of travel: There are two options. One is longer and safer, but considerably slower. The other leads through some contested territory, which is understandably more dangerous. There is some conversation, but the party decides to take the more dangerous route for both speed and sparing the innocent.

Wealth Spent 3: 6 Weeks worth of Rations for a party of 6. 1 day of rations for 12 dogs.

Finally, the journey begins! The party winds their way south for the first day, unable to hunt any beasts, but that night something approaches the campsite… and starts looting our food supply. It looks like a massive bear but maybe with tusks?, so Brynn tries to scare it away… and is successful, but how much damage did it do? He estimates that about 15 pounds of food are lost…

40 Days of Food Remaining

The next day the journey continues, still without good hunting, but Enith notices signs of Trollkin amidst the trees. The signs tell her that traps lie ahead, so she calls the caravan to a stop. Then, Enith and Sabeen move forward to check for traps… where they spot a spike pit. Inside of it is a boar, a fresh kill – Fridirick lowers Enith down to get it.

Suddenly, they are ambushed by a pack of Trollkin, at least 8.

Sabeen rushes forward to try and stab one, and manages to stab one in the eye socket, then slashes it offhand, almost dropping it. It scratches at her, even as another one rips at Brynn. To rush towards Fridirick, but they stumble and he manages to knock them both into the spike pit. Ava, meanwhile gets attacked and she lashes out with a hellish rebuke – enough to get its attention and hurt it. The others attack, but no more injuries are inflicted by the Trollkin.

Sabeen steps back and lashes out with a cone of fire, burning one and taking the injured one down completely. Brynn and Haelga lash out, doing some damage. Ava and Sabeen take some more damage, even as Brynn does as well – claws ripping into the party as the Trollkin go wild. Haelga unleashes the hounds upon them. Ava manages to take down the one on her., as does Enith. Taking to horseback (Drift-back), Fridirick rushes up and helps Haelga, then lashes out at the one on Brynn. Moments later, Brynn takes it down, then rushes to help defend the sleds.

A few moments later, after a flurry of attacks, the Trollkin are down. But more are coming, so the party hurries along, watching for traps. They manage to outdistance the enemies.


The party finds a place to camp.

39 Days of food remaining

Traveling the next day, we see a small family of bears – no, walrus-bears that have been crushed by a tree! The party digs them out, and examines them – rare creatures that befell a foul fate. (5 pounds of meat) – And We managed to catch a deer (14 pounds). Later that evening, the party comes across some tracks…

More Trollkin Tracks. A great many, and it looks something on horseback was chasing them, and they were running. The trail ends up leading to a Trollkin settlement, where they have been murdered and piled up. The party takes a moment to look for food… but they also gather that Imperials were behind it. Probably just a vengeance kill.

(+20 lbs of Trollkin Grade Food) – 15 Gold worth of Baubles.

The party then presses onward, trying to obscure their trail, but shortly thereafter they notices lights ahead. Sabeen and Enith creep forward, sneaking towards the lights. It looks like a small southern settlement! It looks like this place was recently attacked by someone…

The party decides to approach the place, openly, and hope to be able to sleep in real beds tonight. Fridirick calls out to them and explains where they are from. Aufstok’s Claim is the name of this little fort town. It’s one of the clannish, frontier’s people settlements – we establish that these folks tend to be proud of their clan, hardy wilderness capable, and frequently quite hospitable to travelers of the same major Clan. After a few moments, the bridge is lowered and they are let in. Brief introductions are made. It is mentioned that Alseid attacked recently, but they aren’t quite sure why…

2nd Campaign, Session 007: Goddammit Brynn
I Nonlethally Assassinate My Friend!

D&D Northwarde 2016-10-09: Sean taking Notes



  • Sean - Fridirick Sabeen/Sabeen
  • Spes - Enith Fridirick/Sabeen
  • Chris - Brynn Fridirick/Sabeen
  • Paris - Sabeen Fridirick/Fridirick


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfing – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic, Animal-Handling. Hound Master.


First Fire – a Dwarven Hold to the North, about a week away, though we would need to carry.

A unit of wealth = 100 GP approximately. We have 100.

Learned from the First Wife: She outlived the original founder of the keep, and was ruling in secret. She was a magician, and knows a lot about the area. Much of the reputation of the lord was fabricated by her in order to assert her rule. She does know of the location of a quarry to the south, in a region known for seismic activity – explaining why it is no longer known to us. But, it could be reopened potentially though it is currently buried under earth and water.

Some time passes though, as the party continues to clear up the keep and assess the full extend of the repairs that are going to need taken care of.

Wealth Spent: 3 – Custom Splint Mail for Fridirick

… totally failed to take notes, distracted -

Enith has went out to search the quarry area, and manages to find the location, but it seems like its a dark and dangerous place… and also there is a lake there. She sees some signs that there may be Frost Maiden’s in the area – savages (Trollkin) have left signs and marks meant to keep the Frost Maidens at bay… or more likely that they are trying to keep something IN the lake.

Wealth Spent 2: Glyph of Warding

Fridirick travels down the old coastal road – summoning his Mount – a massive white Caribou. Drift.

Wealth Spent 2: Leaded Chest with Awesome Lock (requires two keys and button), which is also warded.

Wealth Spent 3: 6 Healing Potions

NEW RULE: Crafting a Scroll – Time x Materials = 25 gold per the square of the level of the spell.

And then, for god awful reasons, the group decided they will travel everywhere by sled-dogs.

Wealth Spent 3: For 4 sleds and 12 dogs.

Wages Paid: 11 Wealth Per Month –
Significant Project #1 – Roofing for the Main building structure – 15 Wealth.

Meanwhile, the end of the month has arrived and it is time to turn over the ring. Of course, Freya wants to have it kept… Fridirick tries to convince the group that they should hold on to the ring. The priests show up, and They go to get the ring. Enith is the first to touch the ring and she flees on foot, managing to sneak out. Fortunately, Vinter has a contingency plan – A locate object spell. He chases her on the back of his mount…

They catch up to her, but she is magically hiding, making it difficult. They try and talk her down. She’s resisting, but is at least resisting.

“I’m going to non-lethally assassinate my friend”

Eventually, they manage to break the items control over her. After some discussion they notice a few things: the bone is throbbing, and seems to be pulling in one direction. They discuss, and plan to return it to the cubby hole, hoping that will suppress it… but it doesn’t.

Messages are sent, and soon the Firetenders arrive. They say that this is perhaps a relic of the Clanless. A lead box was discussed as a potential solution, and the fire tenders go off to fetch one. The ring is left at the keep for now.

Freya shows up and also confirms that it is likely a creation of the Clanless. She basically tells Fridirick that he will be disowned if he lets it go. After some MORE discussion, Fridirick decides to let them study it, but keep his own control over it. when they go to move it, however, Brynn ‘accidentally’ puts the ring on.

He can’t take it off. but otherwise seems to maintain his mind, and further investigation shows the ring seems to have lost some of its power.

The party seems to be of the opinion that following the rings direction is the wisest path. In the middle of the night, Sabeen s called to the lighthouse, and they tell her that she has been trusted with this task. The task being: kill Brynn if she has to.

Gjarmundrae – the original creator/possessor of the ring (a sorcerer)

They reveal that the ring is mostly a guide to other things.

2nd Campaign, Session 006: The Fifth Lord of the Chainspire

D&D Northwarde 2016-09-25: Sean taking Notes



  • Corinne- Ava Fridirick / Brynn
  • Sean - Fridirick Enith / Ava
  • Spes - Enith Fridirick / Ava
  • Chris - Brynn Fridirick / Ava
  • Paris - Sabeen Enith / Fridirick


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfing – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic
  • JACOB – Male Human – 20’s – Merc – Leather & 2-Handed Axe, Beautiful


A discussion on named NPC’s, followed by a discussion on how we want to handle money.

But now what? Treasure is moved around. Ava heads out to go get cleaned up and relax. Enith goes down to the pool to rinse off, and detects that the obelisk is magical. Fridirick organizes the loot. Sabeen also goes out with Ava.

Seven Bells (Hells Bells)
Attunment required, individually or as a Team

7 – Enchantment – Casts Sleep
6 – Necromancy – Casts Spare the Dying
5 – Conjuration – Conjure Animals (8 Bats Only)
4 – Illusion – Silence
3 – Necromancy – Fear
2 – Necromancy – Speak with Dead
1 – Necromancy – Animate Dead

Additional Powers if Played for Specific Songs

Eventually, the loot is parceled out – 300 gold per person. A little extra for the hirelings, but not much. Enith goes out to inform the Jarl of their success… but the guard and some of the visitors don’t take her seriously. Eventually they take her seriously, and allow her in to see the Jarl.

Naming of an NPC – Marten Almstedt – the Jarl

“There was a hole, and we blew it up so they can’t get back in.”

Eventually, the Jarl gets around to honoring his promise. But he is going to investigate and make sure that all has been taken care of.

Ava sings a song in the tavern while partying, boasting of their achievement. Highlights include:

  • Urden and the Skin Quiver
  • Fridirick Making them All Run
  • Brynn and the Poop Pit
  • Enith – Basically a Badass
  • Sabeen Attacking from the Shadows
  • Ava Exploding the Nasty Worms

Ava and Sabeen get free room and drinks from the performance.

Meanwhile, Fridirick is trying to bond with the sword, going through a variety of motions even as he thinks about the actions of the day. In the process, black chains (Tattoos) make their way up his arms… before disappearing. It’s a little bit weird.

But, Freya shows up, and Fridirick and Brynn show her the collected items. She insists that the relic should be taken back, but Fridirick insists on turning it over – but he will hold on to it for a short time.

The next morning – Fridirick convinces an unwilling Sabeen that he needs to hold on to the relic for a short time. She lets the keepers know that they can come out and see it. Then, around 10 three men from the Thanes. Fridirick heads down to show everyone around, with Ava and Enith in tow.

Freya shows up shortly thereafter, with her two guards, speak with Brynn before heading down to try and Find Fridirick. They managed to finish showing the Jarl’s men around. Then the Firetenders show up, and everyone is lead down to the final chamber. And now, Ragdarr show sup with a mead wagon.

Down below there is a tense moment where the group stands around, but eventually the Tenders seem to agree. Freya is planning to stay at the keep while studying.

Meanwhile, Ragdarr is trying to convince them to setup an exclusive relationship, and workers are showing up, which we try to hire as cleanup crew. 8 of them stay on (of the 11).

EXPENSE: 3 Solid Doors Bound with Metal. Time – 2 weeks. (45 GP)

The next day while Freya is investigating the relic, Ava talks to Vinter about the relic and learns a little bit about it. Later, Ava decides to ask Freya about using her bell to compelle the corpses to talk. Freya cautions her against it, saying that such things are dangerous – the dead don’t like to talk. However, Ava manages to convince her otherwise.

Sabeen invites her parents to be the Steward of the keep. They are uncertain, but come to visit. They take the tour and become the Stewards of the Chainspire.

First Major Investment: Get some Roofs

Titles Dispensed:

  • Chainspire Designer & Stylist
  • Master of Ceremonies & Official Mead Taster
  • Mistress of the Hunt and Udvauchen Slayer
  • Spymistress and Halfling Liason
2nd Campaign, Session 005: The Twelth Obelisk

D&D Northwarde 2016-09-11: Sean taking Notes


Paris – Absent


  • Corinne- Ava Brynn / Fridirick
  • Sean - Fridirick Brynn / Brynn
  • Spes - Enith Brynn / Fridirick
  • Chris - Brynn Fridirick / Fridirck


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfing – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic
  • JACOB – Male Human – 20’s – Merc – Leather & 2-Handed Axe, Beautiful

Acquired some hirelings and got our asses kicked, but killed a good bit of Udvatchen in the process.


The party has fallen back, and decides to setup a small ‘camp’ over-watching the opening. The plan is to keep an eye on the entrance while we recover, and then go back in. It is decided that two watches will take place, and with the help of the Magic Mouth they hope to catch any Udvatchen that try to escape.

The night watch goes by uneventfully, save for a chance to re-catchup on old times with the new henchmen. Brynn clearly inspires young Dahl, giving him inspiration in the next part of the adventure. (All players take over one of the Henchmen). In the morning, Fridirick prepares a wonderful breakfast and rally’s everyone with a speech.

“Enith is easily won over by Food. Food is her favorite thing.”

Everyone agrees to go in to the dungeon once again, except for Haelga. She requires some additional convincing, but decides to go along with it – guarding the exit with a collection of donated arrows. Thus prepared, the party enters the dungeon once again.

Enith, taking point, makes it to the bottom and discovers that the corpses are gone, as well as some sort of trap mechanism. Sabeen is called forward, but she is unable to figure it out. The party just sets off the traps, one at a time, first using a rock, and then using Brynn’s mage hand. Enith explores the old ‘poop’ room, and hears a scratching sound… she calls her allies, but before they arrive, she is ambushed by the Udvatchen.

Ava and Fridirick are going SLOW – holding the group back, but Sabeen shoots one with an arrow. One of the Udvatchen runs for it, while the party moves forward and drops the second. Two dead Udvatchen, no injuries. The party rallies and sends Enith into the poo-hole.

… she creeps inward, her head still ringing from combat (1 on perception), and moves into the next room – stepping on a spear at the end (“Ouch!”) – she spends a few minutes searching the junk in the room, particularly looking for the ring that Sabeen was sent to seek (by the Temple of Fire). They abandon that direction for now and head down towards the way the Udvatchen, moving slowly and deliberately.

An Udvatchen jumps out, stabbing at Fridirick, but it deflects off of his shield. Fridirick knocks him down, and blocks the hall, while other members attack. Ava’s attack misses, but Sabeen stabs it brutally, cutting into it twice, but not quite killing it until Brynn burns it with his torch. Huzzah! With it dead they sweep through the next room, which appears to be some sort of messy bed quarters, perhaps a birthing room. It’s hard to say what they were before – perhaps servants quarters?

The next area is a natural cavern, and the stench of sulfur hangs in the air. At some point it might have been a dungeon area, as indicated by chains and manacles. The room itself seems to be a collection place for cast-off, leftovers of consumed humans. In one corner of the room there is one actual, still closed gate. It doesn’t look like the Udvatchen have ever opened that gate. As the party investigates, the mound of bodies starts to move!

Ava throws a vial of fire into the mix, wonderfully aimed! Some maggot looking things, nearly five feet long squirm out – on fire – and die after making a horrible noise. It is determined that the figures int he cell are undead as well – probably the same as those they saw before. Onward!

As the party advances, whatever was waiting for the party decides to press onward. The room itself seems to have an oily quality to it, as well as a strong sulfur scent. As they step forward, the floor attacks! The party begins to attack, but discovers that the ooze seems to dissolve weapons – which is bad! At least, metal that is. As the party wades into combat, Enith places a giant-slaying attack, destroying it! After it dissolves they continue their Journey.

The next chamber is large – a cavern beneath the fortress, with a drop off into water beyond that. The smell of sulfur is extra strong, and it seems like perhaps the lake is geo-thermally active (Hot Spa int he future!). While they are trying to decide on where to go, and what to do next, an Udvatchen drops on them. Looking up, they see the ceiling is squirming with activity!


Through chance, Brynn manages to get in an attack before the mass of the enemies. He notices that the ones dropping on us from above have a net held between them. Scrambling out of the way, Brynn gets out of the way! Udvatchen rain down on the party from the ceiling, ripping into Brynn, Ava, and Fridirick. Enith and Sabeen are also assaulted. Fridirick uses holy power to TURN a bunch of them, while Moving into defensive position. Ava stabs one, dropping it, even as the party rallies together. Enith joins them, firing an arrow and dropping another.

The party has managed to pull back into a defensive possession and as they attack the mass, the group of Udvatchen start to break up. Ava sends forth a wrath of tentacles, hurting them badly, while the rest of the party adds damage as well – taking down a few more of the nasty little creatures.

A large one shows up on the horizon – even as the party, dispatches most of the Udvatchen. Fridirick steps forward, challenging the great beast to a duel – and it rushes forward using a MASSIVE TREE. It misses the magically protected Fridirick though, but moments later a swarm descends on the Paladin. Enith blasts them with thorns, and Ava rushes forward to blast them with Havard’s tentacles.

The big guy joins the fray, smashing through Fridirick’s defenses, even as the party continues to drop them. Yet even so, they are struggling to take enemies down. Fortunately, the array of attacks manages to finally drop the powerful beast and they go down. Udvatchen lie dead everywhere.

After a moment of consideration, the party decides to to press onward. Enith points out that most of them fled down into a steeply sloping path. The party goes down to check, and find a hole that goes down into the depths. There is a lot of conversation and the party decides to try and detonate it. Brynn clusters 5 of the charges together, then Ava lights it…

A sudden, dramatic, impressive explosion! the party flees the tremors, rushing back to the large main cave. Unfortunately, though it is sealed, the way out is also cutoff! The party looks around and sees a few things – one of the doors that are sealed elsewhere. More importantly, they see the 12th Obelisk! Around it hangs a variety of chains… ominous…

Some options are discussed, but the important thing right now is getting out. The party makes their way to the crumbled doorway on the far side. Swimming, climbing, and otherwise slowly making their way. Eventually, they realize they can use the giant club thing to make a bridge. On the other side, there is a hall full of the iron doors. It looks like it a burial chamber from the lords who once ruled this place.

At the far end is a stone door, which they use a battering ram to knock down. Success! Sure, there are still some Udvatchen – somewhere – but they seem to have scattered mostly. In the room beyond the party searches and finds a secret door – excellent! They retreat and take a short rest, sharing the tales of their adventure with Helga.

Returning to the secret door / panel, they managed to open it and reveal a cubby hole… a shelf, on which is a human finger bone… four feet long. Probably belonging to 60ft tall human. The party leaves it for now, and goes to the other locked stone door. Inside the room is a strange questions with pipes coming out of it. In the midst of the contraption is a corpse – some armadillo-esque creature. It looks like with some work we could have HEAT!

Meanwhile – inside the Sarcophagus – we find ALL OF THE LOOT! The lords liked to be buried with their possessions. Various gems, pearls, and other items. Armor, swords – pets – pretty much everything they had.

2nd Campaign, Session 004: Udvatchen - more like SCREWEDvatchen, amirite?

D&D Northwarde 2016-08-28: Sean taking Notes


  • Character Ally/Rival
  • Brynn Ava / Fridirick
  • Sabeen Enith / Enith
  • Enith Sabeen / Fridirick
  • Ava Fridirick / Enith
  • Fridirick Brynn / Sabeen

Last time…


Curiosity has gotten the best of Enith and Sabeen, who have just discovered that the room the dropped into has some restless dead in it… 5 frozen zombies from ages past. Enith lashes into them, as does Sabeen. The zombies wear Half-Plate and carry fine maces, and prove to be resistant. Two of them go down, but they continue to harry the duo, pummeling Enith while the other grabs Sabeen and starts biting her.

It becomes too much, and Enith goes down. Sabeen flails and stabs, as the two remaining Frost Zombies try to fight over her, accidentally freeing her! She uses the opportunity to stab a vulnerable spot and drops it! While Enith bleeds out, she continues her frantic attempt to defeat the last zombie! Somehow, Sabeen manages to drop all of them -

But now she is trapped down here alone with a near-dead friend. After some consideration, she decides to climb out and try and get help.
Ava & Brynn decide to climb up to the top with Sabeen. Ava slips, and Brynn tries to swing down and catch her mid-fall. He nails it like a champ. They continue, and find Sabeen’s unconscious body.

They stab the dead zombies a few more times, then clear out the rubble behind the door. Enith ‘pokes’ around the room instead of helping. They managed to be freed.

New Character: Orla the Blacksmith (the most reputable)

Brynn & Ava will go try and sell the armor, while Sabeen & Enith are going to see about a cure. Fridirick stays to keep an eye on things. Brynn and Ava get a SWEET 10 gp value for the armor. Sabeen & Enith learn that this infection is known as Winter’s Grasp, and that the zombies will return in a day if they aren’t ‘cleansed’. The temple also tasks Sabeen to recover a Holy Ring that rests somewhere beneath the Chained Spire.

As the work finally finishes up (after 7 days), Fridirick tries to sway some of them to return as hirelings – 4.

DAHL -Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
ERDEN – Male Halfing – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
HAELGA – Female Human -Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic
JACOB – Male Human – 20’s – Merc – Leather & 2-Handed Axe, Beautiful

(Shortbows for Everyone) – 8 Arrows on Erden

4 HP (+6) – +1 Attack & Damage

Ragdarr the Unquenchable, the current manager of the Meadery. (He cannot be drunk under the table). They get three spears, as well as three suits of padded armor! Ragdarr also makes mention of a potential business deal.

Tactics and Planning Choices are Made!

The party re-enters, moving carefully, and springs an attack on the udvatchen. Two of them go down quickly. After some hesitation, the party executes a brutal pincer attack. Both Helga and Erden manage to draw blood. Everyone attacks, flurries of blows all around, with the party fairing VERY well. They manage to drop all of the Uds.

Trying to cut off their path, the party decides to barricade one direction, and they are going to do so by taking some stuff from a foul room. Fridirick enters, and is captured by a giant tentacle. Brynn tries to ‘leap’ to the rescue, slamming into the ooze and hitting it … but getting stuck in as well. Eventually the party prevails.

They scavenge some bows and press onward.

As the party advances, they are beset upon by another pack of udvatchen who grab Enith and yank her around the corner. The party rushes forward, trying to aid her. They are being attacked on all sides, as a Large udvatchen rushes forward and slams into Friderick. It’s a shit show! Fridirick goes down – the hirelings fire another flurry of arrows.

New Party Rally Cry “Not Dead yet!”

2nd Campaign, Session 003: Slithering Into the Deep Dark

D&D Northwarde 2016-08-14: Sean taking Notes


  • Corinne- Ava Sabeen/Brynn
  • Sean - Fridirick Enith/Brynn
  • Spes - Enith Sabeen/Fridirick
  • Paris - Sabeen Ava/Fridirick
  • Chris - Brynn Ava/Fridirick

Last time…

Brynn returned, despite some troubles. Chaos and funtimes ensued. Brynn managed to rescue his parents from the Alchemist guild attack. With violence.


Brynn’s father is fairly upset, and blames Brynn, while his mother is at least happy to see him. Fridirick suggests reporting the crime and getting the town guard. They were already on their way. The party explains that they were assaulted, and manages to talk down the pack of guards. In the process, Ava plays her new set of bells and it creeps everyone out.

The guards have no qualm with them and let them keep what they want, as well as burning the bodies.

Ritual Time with Sabeen! The bodies are laid out on funeral pyres, then doused with a flammable liquid. A song is sung for them, then they are burned.

The group goes to go get some rest, and Brynn tells his parents that they can stay at the Inn.

The next day, Brynn is up early to go fishing. With his angry dad. They go up the river to do spear fishing and have a chat. His father cautions him not to give up his pride and serve Fridirick, and also wants to know when He and Ava are getting married.

“Think deeply on your Anchors”

Enith, meanwhile, has spent some time looking at the jewelry. The necklaces seem to be magical, and some of the rings appear to be keys. She keeps those and tries to pawn the others.

Fridirick tries to do some digging on the nature of the old keep he has acquired. He finds some notes about other volumes as well. An old map of the upper level is included in that information. The keep was built 900 years ago! Hjorvard Andrekky was the person who built it but little is actually known about him. There is a promise of treasure.

Ava is off busking and trying to run up some money to help the family whose home burned down. She makes some good money busking, especially at lunch.

Sabeen is visiting the temple aligned to the fire keepers of Bradn. (“Because I misspelled it, I’m going with.”) God of Flame and Fortune. (Will also decided that Sigri was the Url Queen (goddess of the fae)). She receives a vision – she receives 5 individual uses of the Guidance Cantrip.

Eventually the group meets back together and shares their information. They decide to meet at the tower and go clear out the udvatchen. Fridirick gives a rallying speech, while Brynn passes out Placebo potions. Enith also passes out the magical necklaces.

Inside the keep, the group tries to figure out how to get through the rubble. They send the snake down to look, but it doesn’t seem to discover much. There is some discussion about what to do, but the options seem… weak. Finally they come up with a GREAT PLAN! They will be absorbed into the flesh of the snake, using a potion, and the snake will carry them underground.

It works, but as soon as they are Fridirick leaps free. Soon, the others follow, and only Brynn remains inside the snake. But he seems okay with that. As the group continues onward, they are ambushed by a pack of udvatchen!

Ava tries to use faerie fire, which succeeds in lighting the place up but doesn’t hit anyone else. She stabs one, but then they retaliate… and they begin to swarm the party, slamming attacks into Fridirick and Ava. Attacks are doled out against the udvauchen, even as the party takes wounds. 1 is down from hellfire, another a moment later from Sabeen’s blade. Fridierick tries to offer magical protection, and Brynn pops out of the snake. Enith tries to joint he fray – but doesn’t do much with her torch.

Blows are traded back and forth with the udvatchen suffering casualties as they continue to rain damage down on the party. Heavy wounds are sustained all around by the swarming enemies. Fridirick and Enith go down in the fray while Ava brings the unholy wrath. Sabeen is attacking like a psycho, taking them down left and right.

By the end of the party, everyone is taken down at least once EXCEPT for Brynn. The udvatchen are defeated.

The party falls back and flees. They decide to recruit some help and try to completely dig out the hole. Enith does some more scouting as well and finds a water source coming out of the ground.

Using some poor laborers, the group works at digging the ruins out. Meanwhile, Sabeen and Enith decide to go explore the other tower that was previously closed off. they climb up, then make their way downward. Eventually they manage to make it to the bottom of the tower, to a room that seems to have been abandoned.

2nd Campaign, Session 002: ...and a Warm Retirement for Alchemist Assassins

D&D Notes 2016-07-31
Recorder: Paris


Welcoming: Brynn

Chose Life Experience (left with Ava to join the Circus)

  • Got kicked out of town for selling snake oil. He has 4 remaining uses of essentially a potion of placebo effect. He knows the formula and how to make it. The potion of placebo effect causes the imbiber to make a saving throw, on a failed save they believe whatever the potion’s described purpose is effective.
  • Moved to academic path, joined an Alchemy academy in the southlands.
  • Researched venomous snakes and wrote a paper about it; Learned the spell Summon Familiar, he can summon a snake familiar.
  • Involved in an alchemy experiment gone awry. Dex +1 Int -1. This actually ended up blowing up the entire academy and he’s now on the run.


  • Fridirick returned from war with title, he is now a Thane.

The Story goes on…

Brynn was taken in by the ex-Shark fisherman, Landvik, and the apothecary, Embla. He left with Ava to join the circus, but found himself splitting off from the circus. He decided to join an alchemy school which was eventually destroyed by his hand. Now they are now hunting him down. He was able to make his way back via the low rivers. He made his way back by stealing someone else’s ticket. During his way back he finds himself amongst the Wolf clan until they are able to help escort him back to Snow Leopard lands.

Now we are tasked with clearing out the old keep in two months. It has a dungeon beneath it and is currently being occupied by udvatchen. Enith has kept them at bay through strategic destruction of the structure beneath the keep. While discussing the keep in the Crooked Tail Meadery, Brynn bursts through the door in a panic trying to get away from people he recognizes from the apothecary school. Enith scouts out the meadery to see if they have followed Brynn and finds a Southerner with a wiggly eye in the tap room. Time passes as Enith converses with him. Concerned, Fridrick heads out to join her and participates in helping keep him off Brynn’s trail. Turns out he is an elf!

After a prolonged discussion and “well applied” disguise Sabeen convinces the group to exit and just deal with the Brynn’s follower. Ava and Brynn start to excite the crowd, confusing Brynn for a Southern dancer and he gives a wonderful performance. Sabeen tries to distract the elf with her dwarven-made eye. Brynn invites the stranger to the stage, but he declines exiting The Crooked Tail Meadery.

We make our way to Brynn’s family’s house and find his family in the dark, somehow influenced by another member from the destroyed apothecary school. As Brynn moves to attack, the hut catches fire!

Brynn casts Greater Restoration to cure Landvik. Enith turns from the door and rushes the man who Misty Stepped away with her scimitar. Fridrick is trying to make a hole in the ground to the ocean. Ava puts the first man to sleep and Sabeen shoots one of the fire casters. Brynn does the same spell on his mother, Embla and helps them to gather important items. The enemy casters make mirror images of themselves as the hut begins to collapse. Fridrick pole vaults out with a javelin and makes a three point landing. Enith and Sabeen shot some images and disapate them. Ava attacks the sleeping target and kills him. Brynn tries to leap from the falling hut, but falls short. Fridrick is put to sleep on the pier and Ava tries to scare the monk with Fey Prescence, but only affects Enith. Sabeen shakes Fridrick awake and absconds to land. Brynn is able to climb to safety. The monk strikes Ava and she responds with Hellish Rebuke. Fridrick and Brynn are hit with Color Spray and Fridrick is blinded. Ava goes down, Fridrick tries to strike but misses, and Enith (no longer frightened) heals Ava to bring her back. Sabeen shoots and kills her first target. Many misses ensue and the monk disengages and jumps away. The lead monk webs the group and the other uses scorching ray against the trapped party. Attention shifts to the other monk and he is collectively taken down. Brynn turns and takes the leader down.

His hands are covered with rings (10-12), a pouch with powder, 5 skin flasks, and a heavy key. Fridrick picks up a bunch of necklaces. Sabeen picks up a journal with a clasp from the last monk she killed. Each monk had 5 skin flasks and pouches with powder (explosive). Sabeen wants to give the bodies funeral rites, but is convinced that it can be done after it is investigated as a crime.


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