The Northwarde's New Dawn

2nd Campaign, Session 006: The Fifth Lord of the Chainspire

D&D Northwarde 2016-09-25: Sean taking Notes



  • Corinne- Ava Fridirick / Brynn
  • Sean - Fridirick Enith / Ava
  • Spes - Enith Fridirick / Ava
  • Chris - Brynn Fridirick / Ava
  • Paris - Sabeen Enith / Fridirick


  • DAHL – Male Half-Orc – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded +1 HP, Foolish
  • URDEN – Male Halfing – Quarterstaff, Spear, Padded +1 Dex Bonus, macho
  • HAELGA – Female Human – Heavy Mace & Shield, Spear, Padded, Optimistic
  • JACOB – Male Human – 20’s – Merc – Leather & 2-Handed Axe, Beautiful


A discussion on named NPC’s, followed by a discussion on how we want to handle money.

But now what? Treasure is moved around. Ava heads out to go get cleaned up and relax. Enith goes down to the pool to rinse off, and detects that the obelisk is magical. Fridirick organizes the loot. Sabeen also goes out with Ava.

Seven Bells (Hells Bells)
Attunment required, individually or as a Team

7 – Enchantment – Casts Sleep
6 – Necromancy – Casts Spare the Dying
5 – Conjuration – Conjure Animals (8 Bats Only)
4 – Illusion – Silence
3 – Necromancy – Fear
2 – Necromancy – Speak with Dead
1 – Necromancy – Animate Dead

Additional Powers if Played for Specific Songs

Eventually, the loot is parceled out – 300 gold per person. A little extra for the hirelings, but not much. Enith goes out to inform the Jarl of their success… but the guard and some of the visitors don’t take her seriously. Eventually they take her seriously, and allow her in to see the Jarl.

Naming of an NPC – Marten Almstedt – the Jarl

“There was a hole, and we blew it up so they can’t get back in.”

Eventually, the Jarl gets around to honoring his promise. But he is going to investigate and make sure that all has been taken care of.

Ava sings a song in the tavern while partying, boasting of their achievement. Highlights include:

  • Urden and the Skin Quiver
  • Fridirick Making them All Run
  • Brynn and the Poop Pit
  • Enith – Basically a Badass
  • Sabeen Attacking from the Shadows
  • Ava Exploding the Nasty Worms

Ava and Sabeen get free room and drinks from the performance.

Meanwhile, Fridirick is trying to bond with the sword, going through a variety of motions even as he thinks about the actions of the day. In the process, black chains (Tattoos) make their way up his arms… before disappearing. It’s a little bit weird.

But, Freya shows up, and Fridirick and Brynn show her the collected items. She insists that the relic should be taken back, but Fridirick insists on turning it over – but he will hold on to it for a short time.

The next morning – Fridirick convinces an unwilling Sabeen that he needs to hold on to the relic for a short time. She lets the keepers know that they can come out and see it. Then, around 10 three men from the Thanes. Fridirick heads down to show everyone around, with Ava and Enith in tow.

Freya shows up shortly thereafter, with her two guards, speak with Brynn before heading down to try and Find Fridirick. They managed to finish showing the Jarl’s men around. Then the Firetenders show up, and everyone is lead down to the final chamber. And now, Ragdarr show sup with a mead wagon.

Down below there is a tense moment where the group stands around, but eventually the Tenders seem to agree. Freya is planning to stay at the keep while studying.

Meanwhile, Ragdarr is trying to convince them to setup an exclusive relationship, and workers are showing up, which we try to hire as cleanup crew. 8 of them stay on (of the 11).

EXPENSE: 3 Solid Doors Bound with Metal. Time – 2 weeks. (45 GP)

The next day while Freya is investigating the relic, Ava talks to Vinter about the relic and learns a little bit about it. Later, Ava decides to ask Freya about using her bell to compelle the corpses to talk. Freya cautions her against it, saying that such things are dangerous – the dead don’t like to talk. However, Ava manages to convince her otherwise.

Sabeen invites her parents to be the Steward of the keep. They are uncertain, but come to visit. They take the tour and become the Stewards of the Chainspire.

First Major Investment: Get some Roofs

Titles Dispensed:

  • Chainspire Designer & Stylist
  • Master of Ceremonies & Official Mead Taster
  • Mistress of the Hunt and Udvauchen Slayer
  • Spymistress and Halfling Liason



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